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Donny Osmond's Cheesy Baked Tortellini with Meat Sauce

Donny Osmond's Cheesy Baked Tortellini with Meat Sauce

Cheesy Baked Tortellini with Meat Sauce

20 oz. package of refrigerated cheese tortellini
1 pound ground beef, browned
24 oz. jar of pasta sauce
8 oz. cream cheese (cubed)
2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese
1/2 c grated or shredded parmesan

Brown the hamburger and cook the pasta as directed. Mix the cream cheese and pasta sauce with the browned hamburger and simmer until well blended. Add the pasta and stir together. Pour the mixture into a baking dish and cover with cheeses. Bake for 20 minutes at 350 degrees. Serve with salad, garlic bread, or mixed vegetables.

Donny Osmond was born in Utah on December 9, 1957. He first gained fame at the age of six, joining four of his older brothers as The Osmonds, earning several top ten hits and gold albums. He then collaborated with his sister on the popular ‘70s variety show Donny & Marie. In the 1990s, he toured as Joseph in “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” He has also starred on Broadway, hosted a talk show, recorded several songs, and appeared on a wide array of TV programs, including Pyramid and Dancing With the Stars.

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Fruit in Wine

Fruit in Wine

Have you ever wondered how much “fruit” you get when you uncork your favorite wine? It takes at least 600 to 800 individual grapes (or at least 10 clusters) to make one bottle of wine. A vineyard that produces fewer grapes per acre results in grapes that are usually fuller in flavor and more concentrated. In contrast, a vineyard with a large output generally requires more grapes to create a flavorful wine.

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When your printer mentions flooding your project, what they really mean is:

  • Submerging it in water
  • Overwhelming amounts or quantities
  • Coating the entire surface of paper

To print a sheet completely with an ink or varnish is called flooding.