Labels: Paint

Labels: Paint
Labels: Paint

Labels solve inventory challenges 

Labels from Admiral Products give you options and flexibility in managing container inventories without compromising appearance, durability and quality. 

With our low order minimums and quick turnaround, you can operate with lower can inventories and be more flexible to meet changing product and market demands. 

Admiral's consultants can help you decide between litho cans and labels. If we can't help you (which is rare) we'll tell you who can. 

And, we'll put a face on your product that communicates. Our ADMIRROR™ Coating adds an eye-popping finish and increased durability to your printed labels and literature.

In-house services
  • Design
  • Digital Prepress
  • Hi res digital proofing
  • 4+ color process printing
  • Sheet fed and roll products
  • Bar coded shipments for inventory control
  • Fax notification of shipments
  • Technical assistance
  • Labels
The Admiral Advantage
  • ADMIRROR™ Coating
  • Low, low minimums
  • Quick turnaround
  • Internet/ISDN access
Admiral Labels give you
  • Less inventory headaches (stock labels, not cans)
  • Flexibility for product...
  • Test Marketing
  • Roll outs
  • Promotions
  • Changes
  • Upgrades
  • A reliable resource

Call Admiral about your labeling challenges.

Labels: Paint

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