Labels: Aerosol

Labels: Aerosol
Labels: Aerosol

The Label Specialist 

We'll put a face on your product that communicates. And, We'll add an eye-popping finish to your labels with our ADMIRROR™ Coating.

Our in-house capabilities and consulting services can help you with a wide range of product labeling decisions, like which way to go - litho can? cut & stack? screen print? roll film? pressure sensitive? If we can't help you (which is rare) we'll tell you who can.

In-house services
  • Design
  • Digital Prepress
  • Hi res digital proofing
  • 4+ color process printing
  • Sheet fed and roll products
  • Bar coded shipments for inventory control
  • Fax notification of shipments
  • Technical assistance
  • Labels
  • Cut & Stack
  • Screen print
  • Roll film
  • Pressure sensitive
The Admiral Advantage
  • ADMIRROR™ Coating
  • Low, low minimums
  • Quick turnaround
  • Internet/ISDN access
Admiral Labels give you
  • Less inventory headaches (stock labels, not cans)
  • Flexibility for product...
  • Test Marketing
  • Roll outs
  • Promotions
  • Changes
  • Upgrades
  • A reliable resource

Call Admiral about your labeling challenges.

Labels: Aerosol

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